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Sneak Preview Event 

The secret’s out— time to launch our refreshed brand!

Our Sneak Preview Event
starts July 15 and runs until September 15th! 

Sale is on from July 15 - September 15

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21 Ways to Sleep Better

Warm milk, counting sheep, white noise…you’ve probably heard a million different suggestions on how you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. We’ve combined traditional wisdom with scientific research to give you what we consider to be the most definitive list of measures you can take to improve sleep quality.

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Mattresses + Health

Research has proven that the right mattress can give anyone a great night's sleep and can even alleviate the pain of many health conditions. In addition to providing spinal support and easing pressure points, the right mattress can promote the right kinds of sleep: REM and NREM.

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Come Get Your Beducation®

We coined the term "Beducation®" in 1997, placing your education and mastery of mattresses and sleep front and centre.

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I came in to the store just to check out prices and try to leave quickly. I've gone into other stores looking, and while I wanted to purchase one soon, I didn't like the feeling of being swarmed by salespeople who try to push you into making a purchase that you're not ready for. Wow! What a wonderful and refreshing change at Mattress Mattress! Our sales associate, Tyler, greeted us with a friendly 'hi' and let us walk around and look for awhile. When we lingered at a couple of sets we were deciding between, he came over and answered all my questions in a very easy-manner about the differences in each one. I purchased the queen sleep set that best fit my budget and circumstances, as well as two pillows, too. Tyler said it was in stock and that it could be delivered the next-day. I wasn't keen on it at first, but Tyler said they were super-professional and that I wouldn't be sorry. He was right (again!). The set was delivered the next day , just after lunch, by two very professional delivery men who pulled up outside, carried both pieces in quietly (the company I had over didn't even hear them come in!), unwrapped them, set them on the frame, took the wrapping with them so I didn't have any mess to clean up, and thanked me for my business - all in less than eight minutes! It's a super comfortable set, and I'm very happy. I will be in the market to purchase another two sleep sets soon, and will definitely go back to the store and buy them from Tyler again. Well done, and thank you!
Calgary – NE