Come Get Your Beducation®

In 1997 we coined the term “Beducation®”, placing your education about mattresses and sleep front and centre. If you’re shopping for a new mattress, getting a Beducation® has never been more important.

Next to breathing, drinking and eating, nothing is more essential to your physical and mental wellbeing, than sleep.  During sleep, the body and mind repair itself, and sleeping on the mattress best suited to your individual needs is essential to your getting a better sleep.

The Importance of a Beducation®

Back in the 20th Century the mattress industry thrived on misconceptions such as … firmer is better … counting sheep will help you fall asleep … two sided mattresses and flexible foundations are a must … and more.  Science proved that these misconceptions were wrong.

Although science hasn’t figured out everything about sleep, today’s knowledge about sleep, new technologies, improvements to coil systems, and major advances in specialty foam comfort materials such as latex and memory foam, have brought about a lot of changes to the manufacturing of mattresses.  If you’re currently shopping for a new mattress, here are some things you’ll want to consider.

  1. While some materials are temperature neutral, others create warm or cool sleep environments. Which do you prefer?
  2. Some coils and specialty foams provide superior support to the spine and lower back.
  3. Some coils and specialty foams are better at reducing pressure on body pressure points such as elbows, hips, and shoulders. This is great for those with injuries or pressure point sensitivity.
  4. Some coils and specialty foams greatly reduce tossing and turning.
  5. Some products cradle. While some like this it’s not for everyone.  This can make it harder to turn over, and to get out of bed.
  6. Some materials off-gas more than others. High levels of VOC’s is something those with sensitive respiratory systems or Asthma will want to avoid.

A Beducation® is a unique learning experience designed to determine your needs in a mattress.  A Beducation® includes a review of today’s technologies, including which features will best address your specific needs when it comes to comfort, support, back and pressure point pain, allergies, temperature environment, and more, A few minutes with one of our Beducators will greatly reduce the chance of you buying a mattress that’s less than adequate for your needs.

That’s why we say “Come get your Beducation®.  It’s free, and when you’re ready to buy your new mattress you’ll make a better buying decision.

For those of you that prefer to shop online, we also encourage you to “Come get your Beducation®”.  A Google search for “mattresses” comes up with over 99 million sites.  Of these, hundreds are selling online, and a lot of shoppers are buying from online companies without doing research due diligence, and without test driving new mattresses in retail settings.

Here are some issues you can encounter buying a mattress online.

  1. When it comes to comfort some people like firm mattresses, while others like them soft and plush.  Unfortunately, one person’s firm is often someone else’s plush.  The only way to know if a mattress is the firmness you prefer is to lie down on in, and you can’t do that online.
  2. Most online mattresses contain one or two inches of memory foam.  While all foams off-gas, some memory foam products off-gas more than others, and this may be a concern to those with sensitive respiratory systems or Asthma.
  3. Memory foam tends to cradle, a feeling some like while others don’t.  For some, this can make it difficult to turn over, and to climb out of the mattress.
  4. Some memory foam sleeps hot, and some sleep cold.
  5. Will the online mattress support your body weight, especially if you’re sharing the mattress with a sleep partner?
  6. Will the online mattress conform to and support your spine (very important for those with lower back issues)?
  7. When you get that online mattress and you take it out of the box, don’t be looking for perfection, as mattresses that come out of a box do not tailor well.
  8. What is your final cost when buying online?  Did you consider the cost of buying a mattress foundation if it wasn’t available online?  Most online retailers do not offer foundations as these are costly to ship, so consumers that thought they could escape shopping, end up shopping in the end.
  9. Did you factor inconvenience into your online purchase?  Shopping does take time, but quite often shopping in a brick and mortar mattress specialty store can save you hundreds of dollars, and get you the mattress you really need.

The best advice we can give you is that it’s important that if you’re shopping for a new mattress that you find the RIGHT mattress … not just any mattress.

A mattress that will have you wake up feeling rested, restored and rejuvenated.  A mattress so perfect you’ll enjoy going to bed, and you’ll relish when you can sleep in.  A mattress you’ll love so much, you’ll miss it when you’re away.

Remember, it’s what’s inside the mattress that determines how well you’re going to sleep, and how you’re going to feel when you wake up.

A better mattress.

A better sleep.

A better you.

We know mattresses® … and you will too!

Before you buy a mattress online “Come get your Beducation®!”

See them!

Touch them!

Feel them!

Try them!

You can’t do that online!

For more information about the pros and cons of buying mattresses online, check out our Online Sales page.