Black Friday, Christmas, and Boxing Week!
We totally understand!

At the same time, Covid-19 has opened the door for some exceptional buys, and you won’t want to miss them. To provide you with a shopping comfort zone, we’re doing the following:

1. All our events are starting early. Shop at times you’re comfortable with to avoid the crowds.Our Boxing Week Sale starts December 14th

2. By appointment shopping. Call any of our stores and make an appointment to have the entire store to yourself.


When you visit Mattress Mattress® know this: Our top priority has and always will be your safety! Our commitment to this includes stringent cleaning and sanitization, the introduction of disposable mattress protectors, physical distancing guidelines, and safety practises to support the health and wellness of you and our associates.

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When it comes to sanitation, we’ve always gone the extra mile. In light of COVID-19, we’ve stepped things up even more.

In 2009 we were the first in Canada to provide disposable pillow napkins to customers using pillows when trying out mattresses.

In 2010 we were the first in Canada to introduce a “Peace of Mind Guarantee”. We sell tens of thousands of mattresses a year, and outside of floor samples, every mattress we sell is guaranteed to be …

  • Brand New Factory Fresh! 
  • No Comfort Exchanges!
  • No Viruses!
  • No Bed Bugs!
  • No Dust Mites!
  • No Smoke! 
  • No Perfume!
  • No Pet Dander! 
  • No Body Fluids!
  • No Bacteria!
  • No Pathogens!

And we consider our Floor Samples as ALMOST NEW because …

  • They have never left our premises
  • We work hard at keeping them clean and fresh (replaced as needed)
  • Our manufacturers know that we care for them, and as such give them a Full Factory Warranty
  • And now with the introduction of disposable mattress protectors for use when trying out mattresses, they’ll be even cleaner and fresher

Sorry, but as a result of COVID-19 we’ve had to drop our warm handshake in-store greeting. We have, however, enhanced our Beducation® program.

Appointment shopping is now available for customers wanting the whole store to themselves.

So that you can engage in our Beducation® program when it comes to handling things like coil and foam demonstrators, we encourage the use of hand sanitizers.

In addition to our disposable pillow napkin, to protect you from possible virus transmission while trying out mattresses, we now have disposable mattress protectors. Both pillow napkins and mattress protectors will be disposed of after customer use.

When it comes to physical contact between associates and/ or customers, we are following the AHS standard of maintaining a 2-metre distance from others.

Associate hand hygiene is mandatory before every customer encounter.

We promise to sanitize our washrooms, counter surfaces, kid’s play station, Beducation® stations, phones, computers, printers, and miscellaneous equipment, seating and high touch areas as needed.

Wherever possible, we have designated equipment such as computers and portable phones to our associates, and if they must share equipment it will be sanitized before personal use.

If you use equipment like our debit machine, these items will be sanitized after use.

In accordance with physical distancing guidelines, we reserve the right to limit the number of customers in the store at any given time.

Thank you for understanding that the above measures are necessary for your benefit and ours.

Stay safe and sleep well!

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