Mattresses + Health

When it comes to wellbeing, sleep ranks next to air, food, and water.

A good night’s sleep boosts your immune system, rejuvenates your body, and improves memory and motor activity. From enjoying the outdoors to working throughout the day with energy and focus, a good night’s sleep plays a vital role in overall wellness.

Research has proven that the right mattress can give anyone a great night’s sleep, and can often reduce or eliminate health issues. In addition to providing spinal support and easing pressure points, the right mattress can also promote REM and NREM sleep cycles.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep allows the mind to renew itself, while NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) sleep lets your body repair and regenerate tissue, while building bone and muscle, and strengthening your immune system. The key to waking up feeling rested, restored, and rejuvenated, is to get uninterrupted sleep on a mattress that meets your unique sleep needs.

With this in mind, the fill and firmness of a mattress is tremendously important. View our most popular mattress models here.