You won’t get what you pay for with an online mattress. In the last couple of years, hundreds of new sites have appeared online selling mattresses. Companies such as Casper, Tuft and Needle, Leesa, Dreambed, Cocoon by Sealy, On Purple and Endy Sleep not only sell online, but they tout and suggest that one singular mattress is good enough for the masses.

At Mattress Mattress we believe the only way to buy a mattress is to See Them … Feel Them … Touch Them … and Try Them … and you can’t do that online.

We’d like to take a minute of your time to discuss the pros and cons of buying a mattress online.

 Buy a Mattress Online


You can buy without leaving home

You can buy a mattress from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to shower, get dressed, start the car in freezing cold weather, and drive to see what’s available in mattresses.


You’re limited in selection

There are thousands of different mattresses out there, and depending on materials and construction, they sleep differently. Some materials sleep hot, some cold, some cradle, some off-gas, some reduce pressure on pressure points such as elbows, ribs, shoulders, and thighs, some are hypo-allergenic, some are soft and luxurious, some are hard as a board … the list goes on and on. To see just one simple difference in the two most commonly used specialty foam materials in mattresses today (memory foam and latex), take a minute to view the video below.


A mattress you buy online may not be the one best suited to your needs

Without testing out various coil and foam types to determine not only comfort and support, but the various benefits of materials used in making a mattress you like, you won’t know what type of mattress is best suited to you. Testimonials on online sites reflect the opinions of customers that obviously like their online mattress purchase. The much bigger question is would they have bought the mattress they bought online, had they shopped and compared this mattress to others available in specialty mattress stores?

Careful about VOC’s (off-gassing)

Always check the production date of mattresses coming out of a box. While 2 or 3 months shouldn’t be a concern, over time mattresses sealed in 100% airtight plastic bags in boxes will build up VOC’s, and this off-gassing can be harmful, especially for those troubled by Asthma.

Be warned if you don’t like a firm mattress

Very few foam mattresses in a box are soft and plush. As most of them contain memory foam, they generally feel and sleep firm. Our advice is to always try out memory foam mattresses in a store before buying one, as it can save you a lot of pain if you buy one online and don’t like it.

Heat can be a factor when it comes to memory foam mattresses

Although some of today’s memory foam mattresses contain gel cooling memory foam, cheaper older versions can retain body heat and sleep warm. While some people love this, others do not. To avoid buying a mattress that is too warm for you, we always advise trying memory foam mattresses out in a store before buying one online.

Don’t be looking for perfection

Online foam mattresses are quite often not that impressive. For starters, to get them in a box and to keep shipping costs down, most of them measure well below mattresses in mattress stores, with 8” to 10” in height being the standard. Last but not least, mattresses that come out of a box never come out looking tailored … there’s simply too much stress on fabric stretched over a mattress, and then shrunk to fit into a box.

Most online foam mattresses are overpriced

If you try out a mattress in a mattress specialty store, you really like it, and you find it online at a lower price, buy it. On the other hand, because it’s virtually impossible to determine exactly what you’re getting in an online foam mattress, we question their value when it comes to price. Specifications such as how much specialty memory foam, ILD (firmness and compression ratio), or foam density are vague or non-existent. Most online foam mattresses sell from $699 to $1199 in queen size, and they’re not much different than foam mattresses in a box that sell at Wal-Mart or Costco for $299 to $499. You may save yourself a shopping trip, but you’re probably overpaying hundreds of dollars.

Brick and Mortar mattress stores are not greedy

One online mattress company has huge billboards posted in major cities, advertising that mattress stores are greedy. They claim that if you buy a mattress from a mattress store you’re paying for gimmicks, unfair retail markups, sales commissions and wholesaler’s profits.

We believe that if anyone’s greedy, it’s online foam mattress retailers. Despite low overhead, as they don’t have storefronts or sales associates, their prices are generally quite a bit higher than similar mattresses in brick and mortar stores.

At Mattress Mattress we have foam mattresses that you can buy with a matching foundation and have them delivered locally, for less than just the foam mattress online. So, are we greedy? Come get your Beducation® at Mattress Mattress … See Them … Feel Them … Touch Them … and Try Them. You can’t do that online. Then you decide.

A better mattress. A better sleep. A better you.