We Care About You and Our Communities

At Mattress Mattress® it’s not all about making a profit. We constantly remind our associates that we’re not in the business of just selling mattresses. We’re here to help you get a better night’s sleep, and we never want to compromise that by selling products that put your health at risk.

When it comes to our communities, we try our best. Corporately we support our communities with our Matts 4 Kids program. In conjunction with our suppliers, we also support the Children’s Wish Foundation, Walk a Mile, Festival of Trees Red Deer, and other local groups in need.

What follows are examples of how we care about you and our communities.  


When we opened our doors in 1994 chemical treatments of mattresses and chemically treated mattress protectors were all the rage. We were concerned that these chemicals were toxic, so we never treated mattresses with Scotchgard®, or sold chemically treated protectors.

A worldwide health alert was issued several years ago stating that the main ingredient PFOS in Scotchgard® was potentially toxic. Constant exposure to PFOS could lead to weakened immunity, hormonal imbalances, reduced fertility and an increased risk of cancer. The company that produces Scotchgard® has since switched to an alternative formula using PFBS which is claimed to be non-toxic.

The same holds true for vinyl/PVC/EVA/PEVA waterproof protectors. As we were concerned about phthalates being in these, we never sold these. To reduce dust mite levels in our customer’s sleep environment, we only sold cotton and polyester mattress protectors, and we recommended washing these frequently in hot water.


We’re one of the Founding Donors for Red Deer’s Festival of Trees, in support of raising funds for the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation.


When some social agencies and women’s shelters stopped accepting used mattress donations due to concerns about bed bug infestations, to help offset their loss we developed an internally funded program called Matts 4 Kids. Since 2004, Matts 4 Kids has donated thousands of brand-new mattresses to not-for-profit organizations, kid’s camps, and kids in need.


When our Vice President Lori Fecho left her nursing position to start with us, she brought in the use of sanitizers for electronic equipment, mattress boots, our counters, and public touch points such as doors. She also instituted their use as often as necessary, versus on a predetermined schedule.


For hygienic reasons, we were one of the first, if not the first mattress retailer in Canada to introduce disposable sanitary pillow napkins for customer use. This was instituted to reduce the transfer of dust mites, allergens, bacteria and viruses from one customer to another when trying out mattresses. We often have customers ask us if they can take these with them to try out mattresses in other stores.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


We took a bold step. Due to our concerns about dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, or pathogens (viruses and bacteria) finding their way into our stores as a result of customer returns, we were one of the first, if not the first, mattress retailer in Canada to eliminate  exchanges. In place we introduced our “Peace of Mind Guarantee!”

Outside of our floor sample mattresses, all our mattresses are guaranteed to be:

Brand new!
Factory fresh!
No smoke!
No perfume!
No pet dander!
No allergens!
No body fluids!
No dust mites!
No bed bugs!
No viruses!
No bacteria!
No pathogens!
And no customer returns sold as demos!


Matts 4 Kids donated 300 new mattresses to Red Cross to fill needs during the 2013 High River flood.


We changed from mattress pads to protectors that are as close as you can get to medical grade. To make our protectors waterproof we have them coated with TPU, a baby foam play material that is non-toxic, lead, phthalates, and formaldehyde free.


We put air exchange silver ion infused pillow protectors on our floor sample pillows that customers use when trying out mattresses. To date we’ve yet to find any other retailer using these. It’s additional protection from the transfer of dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, or pathogens (viruses and bacteria). Used in conjunction with our disposable pillow protectors, and our “Peace of Mind Guarantee”, we feel “We’ve got your back®” when it comes to your wellness. 


During the Fort McMurray wildfires Matts 4 Kids offered Red Cross 300 new mattresses in case there was need.


For those wanting a more personalized shopping experience, we’re introducing by appointment shopping. You get the whole store to yourself for a 1 hour no obligation Beducation®. No matter where you buy a new mattress, armed with a Beducation® you’ll make a better buying decision.