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Our 0% Interest No-Turndown Finance Program

In partnership with Flexiti® we have some great finance options that include both short term 0% interest and longer term conventional plans.

And when conventional finance methods don't work, we have an option. Our internal 0% Interest No-Turndown Finance Program!

Instant approval for purchases up to $1,500, subject to the following:

  • An in-store application for financing must be declined and attached to your application.
  • Invoice amount cannot exceed $1,500.00. 
  • Half of the invoice total must be paid in advance.
  • You must sign a promissory note for repayment of the balance.
  • The invoice balance must be paid in 12 equal monthly payments. 
  • If a payment is late or missed, interest will accrue at the rate of 28% per annum commencing on the original date of the note.
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