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Our Peace of Mind Guarantee

Most storefront mattress retailers and online mattress sites offer a mattress “Comfort Exchange” period. We learned years ago that Comfort Guarantees are the lazy sales associates biggest selling tool. Beware of the pitch “Don’t worry. If you don’t like it, you can return it and pick another one.” What they fail to tell you is that most often you’re only allowed one exchange. What happens if your exchange is worse than the original mattress you purchased?

Years ago, we belonged to a buying group owned by Sears Canada. At one of their seminars, we toured their Vaughan distribution centre in Ontario. We were told their rate of return on mattresses ordered from their catalogue ran as high as 40%. What did they do with their returns? And what do all other retailers and online sites do with all their returned mattresses? Some online sites donate them to charities and then claim how they’ve done their part for giving back to communities. Others re-bag and sell them as floor models.

In 2010 we were the first in our industry in Canada to introduce aPeace of Mind Guarantee.

We sell tens of thousands of mattresses a year, and outside of floor samples every mattress we sell is guaranteed to be …

  • Brand New Factory Fresh! 
  • No Comfort Exchanges!
  • No Viruses!
  • No Bed Bugs!
  • No Dust Mites!
  • No Smoke! 
  • No Perfume!
  • No Pet Dander! 
  • No Body Fluids!
  • No Bacteria!
  • No Pathogens!

And we consider our Floor Samples as ALMOST NEW because …

  • They have never left our premises!
  • We work hard at keeping them clean and fresh (replaced as needed)!
  • Our manufacturers know that we care for them, and as such give them a Full Factory Warranty!
  • And with the introduction of disposable mattress protectors for use in our showrooms when you’re trying out mattresses, they’ll remain even cleaner and fresher!

In keeping with our “Peace of Mind Guarantee” we do not have a return policy on mattresses. A few minutes with one of our Beducators will greatly improve the chance of your buying a mattress best suited to your needs.If you live close to one of our stores, no matterwhere you end up buying a new mattress, we highly encourage a visit.

“Come get your Beducation®!”

We have a saying “We know mattresses® … and you will too.” Armed with a Beducation® you won’t need a refund when buying a new mattress. You’ll make a better buying decision and buy a mattress that’s “Just Right”.

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