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Match Yourself to Mattress Types

To reduce mattress buying confusion, in 1997 we developed and trademarked a mattress education program we call a BEDUCATION®! 

It's such a good program, we highly encourage your coming to visit us first when buying a new mattress. Even if you don’t buy a new mattress from us, a FREE BEDUCATION® will help you make a better buying decision.

We even go as far as to say it’s worth flying from New York, Toronto, or Montreal to get a FREE BEDUCATION®As that's a bit extreme (lol), we teamed up with GoodBed™.com to help you narrow down mattresses to types best suited to your needs.

Although we encourage you to shop mattress types suggested by the GoodBed™.com Match Quiz, we strongly believe a FREE BEDUCATION® will ultimately result in your buying a mattress that's JUST RIGHT for you. And if you come in for a FREE BEDUCATION® bring in your results from GoodBed™.com and we'll bonus you with a FREE PILLOW PROTECTOR (great for those with respiratory issues such as Asthma). 

A better mattress. A better sleep. A better you.

The GoodBed™.com Match Quiz.
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