Pillows play an important role in overall sleep health. Since 17% of your spine is located in your neck, sleeping with the wrong pillow can cause neck pain, tightness in the shoulders, wrist and finger pain, and headaches.

Cotton Pillow Alberta


All-cotton pillows are a great choice for those seeking a firm pillow, as well as for those with allergies. A 100% cotton-fill pillow is incapable of triggering allergic reactions, even in the most sensitive individuals.

Latex Pillow Canada


Latex pillows are soft and comfortable, while remaining supportive. Latex is temperature-neutral, so pillows made from it stay relatively cool all night. Since it doesn’t clump, shift, or develop hollow spots, Latex also provides consistent support and feel throughout its useful lifetime.

Memory Foam Pillow On Sale

Memory Foam

These pillows tend to be firm and supportive. As memory foam does not clump, shift, or develop hollow spots, it provides consistent support and feel, much like Latex. Its firmness can be excessive for some. Without cooling gel, memory foam can retain heat, which is great for some and not for others.

Polyester Pillow Sale Canada


When it comes to value, few things beat synthetic pillows. They can be firm, sumptuous, or soft depending on the density of the fibre used. Most synthetic pillows are hypoallergenic and dry out quickly, making them inhospitable to allergens. Their only drawback is their shelf life, as with nightly use, most synthetic pillows need to be replaced annually.