Complete this short 9 question quiz and receive a coupon to redeem for a free gift at one of our Alberta & BC stores. What is the free gift? It's up to you! Each of our stores offers a varying selection of bedding items for which you may redeem your coupon.

1. Mattress Mattress® has stores in?
2. How many hours of sleep do you need in a night if you are between the ages of 19-55 years old?
3. How much of your spine is in your neck?
4. What type of coil innerspring provides the best contouring support of the body?
5. Which type of specialty foam is made from the sap of the rubber tree?
6. What’s the ideal room temperature for sleeping?
7. What kind of sleep restores your mind and mental acuity?
8. Which of these pillow types is hypoallergenic?
9. Which of these mattress types does Mattress Mattress® sell?

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