Dreams to Go Kyoto Adjustable Bed
Dreams to Go Kyoto Adjustable Bed

Dreams to Go Kyoto Adjustable Bed

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Size: Twin XL
Twin XL
Split King (2 Separate Beds/2 Remotes)
Product description

Motion Features and Benefits

Head Lift – Eases back, neck and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points; Helps open up airways to reduce snoring and assist those with Sleep Apnea or Asthma; Reduces Acid Reflux.
Foot Lift – Raising your legs takes pressure off your heart, improving blood circulation; Reduces pressure in the lower back.
Variable Massage – Soothes muscles and Increases blood circulation.

Remote Control

Wireless Remote (Sync-able without Cords)
Anti-Snore Setting  – Raises the head of the bed a few inches to open airways and reduce snoring.
Zero Gravity Setting – Simulates weightlessness; Reduces pressure on the heart and lungs; Improves blood circulation; Alleviates pressure points.
TV Position Setting – Ideal position for reading or watching TV; Alleviates pressure points.
One Touch Flat – Allows the bed to return to the flat position with one touch.
Memory Settings (two) – Program your favorite positions for personalized comfort.
LED Flashlight – Find your way without turning on bedroom lights.

Miscellaneous Features

Adjustable Legs –  Adjust between 6” and 9”.
Bluetooth – Control unit with your smart phone or tablet. Free apps are available.
Furniture Bed Compatible – Easily fits inside different style beds.
LED Lighting (Under Bed) – Gentle lighting allows you to find your way around should you wake up in the middle of the night, without disturbing your body’s natural Melatonin production to help you sleep.
Lift Capacity – 700lbs. (Including the mattress).
Mattress Retainer (Foot Bar) – Keeps mattress in place when elevated.
USB Ports – Charge your devices while you relax.


Warranty – 10 Years Limited. 

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