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It’s the Simmons Deal of the Century.  How can we say that … like  Even though there’s more than 80 year’s left?

Just $449 for a Simmons Beautyrest pocketcoil mattress.

Double or queen size. 

Pocketcoils can reduce sleep interruptions and back pain, and take pressure off pressure points.

See them!
Feel them!
Try them!
Fall in love with one!

And take it home today! (our Alberta & BC stores have on-site warehousing. Want it delivered and your old mattress hauled away? We do that, too!)

You can’t do that online!

This truly is the Deal of the Century.

Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Mattress Sale Canada

Simmons Beautyrest Activefit Details

Pressure Relief Comfort Layers

Bountiful Fibre – Dissipates heat; Regulates temperature.
5/8” Medium Plant Based Foam – Healthier foam choice; Eco-friendly.

Support Layers

½” Extra Firm Plant Based Foam – See above for benefits.
½” Talalay Latex – A pressure relieving natural based foam; Improves blood circulation; Provides contouring
support; Resists bacteria, mould, mildew and dust mites; The Talalay process is the most consistent form of
latex production.


Evolution Pocket Coil – Uniquely one sided; Relieves pressure; Improves blood circulation; Provides
contouring support; Reduces motion transfer, roll together and sleep fragmentation.
Coils – Twin 480 – Double 660 – Queen 800 – King 1023
14.75 Gauge Steel
Insulator Pad – Prevents foam layers from settling into coils.

Miscellaneous Features

Foam Edge – Increases support for sitting; Increases sleep surface; Reduces motion transfer and roll-off.


Triton Foundation – Superior strength; Enhanced stability.

Warranty – 10 Year Non Pro-Rated

All mattress warranties come with conditions. The most challenging ones are support and hygiene. Stained,
soiled or inadequately supported mattresses allow manufacturers to void warranties. Here’s how you can
protect yours.

1. Buy the manufacturer’s foundation. Placing a mattress on an older foundation, or one from another
manufacturer can void warranty.
2. Use a frame or support system that is adequate enough for the mattress and foundation.
3. As the Health Act provides manufacturers with the right to refuse warranty on stained or soiled
mattresses, we recommend the purchase of a mattress protector. A mattress protector on your invoice
suggests that conditions of care imposed by manufacturers will be met. Washing a mattress protector
frequently in hot water helps reduce allergen triggers such as dust mites, smoke, perfumes, mould and
pet dander.