When it comes to adjustable beds, we have options. So many options in fact, that we carry nine different brands, with models ranging in price from $369 to $5,000. Don't worry, there's a ton of amazing options available without having to spend a small fortune.

Basic options such as:

- Head lift - Eases back, neck and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points; Helps open up airways to reduce snoring and assist those with sleep apnea or asthma; Reduces acid reflux.

- Foot lift - Raising your legs takes pressure off your heart, improving blood circulation; Reduces pressure in the lower back.

- Massage - Soothes muscles and increases blood circulation.

- Headboard brackets - Allows attachment of a headboard.

Popular options like:

- Head Tilt - Improves comfort for reading, working or watching TV without the need for extra pillows.

- Memory Settings - Program your favorite positions for personalized comfort.

- Anti-snore Position - Raises the head of the bed a few inches to open airways and reduce snoring.

- TV Position - Ideal position for reading or watching TV; Alleviates pressure points.

- Zero Gravity Position - Simulates weightlessness; Reduces pressure on the heart and lungs; Improves blood circulation; Alleviates pressure points.

- One Touch Flat - Allows the bed to return to the flat position with one touch.

- USB Ports - Charge your devices while you relax.

- Backlit remote - Gently illuminates buttons for easy navigation.

- Bluetooth - Control unit with your smart phone or tablet. Free apps are available.

- LED Under-bed Lighting - Gentle lighting allows you to find your way around should you wake up in the middle of the night, without disturbing your body’s natural melatonin production to help you sleep.

- Adjustable legs - Adjust to preferred height.

Other valuable options available:

- Adjustable lumbar support - Provides extra support for the lower back.

- Slant Position - Helps open up airways to reduce snoring and assist those with Sleep Apnea or Asthma; Reduces Acid Reflux.

- Wall hug feature - Makes it easier to get in or out of bed; Keeps nightstand within reach when elevated.

- Auxiliary power outlet - Charge your devices while you relax; Provide power for clocks or radios.

- Emergency power down - Allows the bed to return to the flat position in the event of a power failure.

- Battery backup - Control unit during power outages.

- Flashlight (remote control) - Find your way in the dark without waking your partner.

- Platform Bed Compatible - Can be placed on solid platform style beds.