In 1994, our founder Eric Buchfink and a group of associates opened their first Mattress Mattress® store in Red Deer, Alberta.

Our Founder's Dream!

To go where no mattress store has gone before!

We care about your health!

Mattress Mattress® has always been eco, health, and wellness-oriented. 

Back in 1994 chemical fabric protection on upholstery and mattresses was the rage, and if mattress retailers couldn’t sell you sprayed on protection, they convinced consumers that fabric protected mattress pads was the best way to protect their mattress warranty against staining issue rejection. Over concern about toxic chemicals and your health we never joined either movement. We sold untreated mattress pads and asked our customers to wash these regularly in hot water, to reduce dust mite populations and pathogens.

Today, foams in all our mattresses come with CertiPUR-US®, GOLS, GOTS or OEKO-TEX® certification! If you have asthma or other respiratory issues or allergies, or concerns about foam materials, always look for these certifications in mattresses! 

Certi-Pur-US Certified Foam - Today’s highest foam production certification; Ensures that standards for content, emissions, and durability are met.


CertiPUR-US® Mattress
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead and heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

In 1997 we coined the term “Beducation®,” and vowed to educate consumers about sleep products to help them make better buying decisions. 

A Beducation® is a unique mattress, adjustable bed, and sleep accessory education program designed to determine your needs. It includes a review of today’s technologies including which features will best address your specific needs when it comes to comfort, support, sleep interruptions, back and pressure point pain, allergies, temperature environment, and more. No matter where you buy a new mattress or adjustable bed, a Beducation® will help you make a better buying decision. And it's FREE!

When it comes to shopping, we've always believed in a “No pressure environment!”

We don’t believe in being pushy unless you’re on a swing! Try out as many mattresses and adjustable beds as you like. Our Google reviews speak for themselves.

We carry inventory “In stock” in all our corporate stores.

We have a warehouse attached to all corporate stores, and we generally have inventory on hand of our best-selling mattresses in popular sizes including Queen and King RV, and Twin Extra Long. See them! Feel them! Try them! Fall in love with one and take it home today!

In 2010 we introduced our “Factory Fresh” guarantee!

We sell tens of thousands of mattresses a year, and outside of floor samples we guarantee that our mattresses are Brand New Factory Fresh, and have never been slept on. That means

No Viruses!
No Bed Bugs!
No Dust Mites!
No Smoke!
No Perfume!
No Body Fluids!
No Bacteria!

No Pathogens! 

And in 2020 we added to our hygienic standards. Use of a disposable mattress protector when trying out mattresses not only helps keep our floor sample mattresses clean, they protect you from contact with viruses like COVID-19. And because our manufacturers know we take care of our floor samples, they give them a “Full Factory Warranty."

In 2004 we introduced our “matts4kids” donation program!

In our early years we donated good used customer mattresses to charities and groups in need, like so many companies still do, especially online companies that donate their comfort guarantee returns to charities. In 2004 that all changed for us. Women’s shelters stopped accepting used mattress donations because of concerns over bed bug infestations, and we agreed with their decision. To do our part for not-for-profit organizations in need of mattresses, Mattress Mattress® developed an internally funded donation program called “matts4kids”. Since 2004, we’ve donated thousands of new mattresses to not-for-profit organizations.

In 2009 we introduced disposable pillow napkins into our Beducation® program.

To reduce the spread of pathogens when using pillows to try out mattresses, we were the first in our industry in Canada to introduce disposable pillow napkins for customer use. It took COVID-19 for others to follow suit.

In 2020 we introduced our “Optional By Appointment Shopping” program.

As a result of concerns about shopping in crowds due to COVID-19, we were the first in our industry in Canada to introduce Optional By Appointment Shopping outside of regular store hours. You get the whole store to yourself.

In 2020 we introduced full body disposable waterproof mattress protectors to consumers trying our mattresses!

COVID-19 brought to light a major issue to our industry. Laying down on a mattress someone else had just tried could potentially expose customers to viruses, bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, smoke, perfume, bodily fluids, and other pathogens. We were the first in our industry in Canada to introduce full body disposable waterproof mattress protectors to our customers. With a relaxation of Covid-19 protocol, most mattress retailers have abandoned use of these. We are not one of them. Full body disposable mattress protectors are here to stay as part of our sanitization and wellness program.

In 2020 we reduced store hours.

To allow time for store sanitization regarding COVID-19 protocols, and to give our associates a more normal home life, in 2020 we were the first in our industry to reduce store hours.

We've always believed in honest, transparent pricing. No hotel buys, mismatch sales, or other questionable price practices.

We're consumers too, so we get it. We constantly shop to make sure our prices are fair and competitive, and in the highly unlikely event that you find a lower price elsewhere, we guarantee to beat that price by


... even if it's online!

In General 

We offer great financing plans, including our very own internal No Turndown No Interest Financing option! Application forms available online at

We offer free local delivery and setup options!

Free local delivery and setup on most of our mattresses and adjustable beds (Cash & Carry and Clearance goods excluded)!

We offer free 10-minute massages!

Come in and try out our adjustable beds with massage. Relax, unwind, and enjoy a free 10-minute massage.

We carry some of the most advanced sleep products available today!

We carry comfortable, affordable, brand name mattresses and adjustable beds with features that can enhance and improve your sleep by addressing issues such as comfort, support, motion transfer, pressure point pain, and sleep temperature!

Come get your Beducation®

We know mattresses® and adjustable beds … and you will too!

Our founder and all associated partners are Canadians.