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Reasons for mattress foundations …

Mattress foundations raise the height of the mattress, making it either easier or problematic for some when it comes to getting in and out of bed. Foundation types and height therefore need to be considered along with mattress height when buying a new mattress and foundation.

Mattress foundations can protect your new mattress warranty. Foundations are generally constructed of wood, steel, cardboard and fabric, or a combination of these. They come with various labels such as box spring, platform, or adjustable base. Inferior foundations generally come with space between wood or metal slats that can result in foam or mattress springs working their way through the openings. This can greatly reduce mattress life. It’s therefore recommended that you check on your mattress warranty before buying a foundation that may nullify it.

A Guide to Buying a Mattress Foundation …

To buy a mattress foundation best suited to your needs, it’s best to review the types available, and their pros and cons.

Box Springs

Although most mattress manufacturers continue to call upholstered foundations box springs, most of these have very little or no springs in them. It’s simply outdated terminology. Regardless of label, if they’re purchased in conjunction with a new mattress from the same manufacturer at the same time as you purchase a new mattress, your mattress warranty will be protected.

Unfortunately, box springs come with issues you might want to consider before you buy one.

If your intention is to get your mattress and foundation off the floor, box springs continue to require the purchase of a steel bed frame or furniture that takes care of this issue.

Height can be an issue. If your new mattress is exceptionally high, a conventional height box spring on a conventional bed frame might make it hard to get in and out of bed. Some mattress manufacturers make lo profile box springs to help with this, and steel bed frames are also available in lo profile height. It’s just that you’ll want to check on these things before finalizing your purchase.

Queen box spring foundations are generally one piece. Quite often in apartments and smaller hallways they simply can’t make corners and won’t fit. Split queen box spring foundations are available but add to the cost of a box spring foundation system.

Platform Bases

Platform bases come in various forms … all steel … all steel with adjustable legs and a top cover … or an upholstered wood frame with wooden or steel slats with or without an upholstered top cover.

Outside of ensuring that slat openings won’t nullify mattress warranty, these are a great option as they replace both the conventional box spring foundation and steel bed frame. In addition to this, those with adjustable legs allow for height of mattress preference, as well as allow for under bed storage in tight quarters such as apartments.

Besides not requiring a steel bed frame, platform bases are never an issue when it comes to tight spaces, and they’re relatively easy to assemble.

Adjustable Beds

With the price of these coming down in recent years, adjustable beds have become a great affordable choice when it comes to replacing box springs and steel bed frames. Apart from some entry level models with steel slats, they generally meet manufacturer mattress warranty requirements.

Finally, adjustable beds are great when it comes to both lifestyle and medical applications.

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