Mattress Warranty Guide

All the mattresses we offer are brand-new, factory-fresh, never slept on. As such, they all come with a FULL manufacturer’s warranty.

Because warranties are provided by our manufacturers, their individual processes will vary. To begin a warranty claim, you should initially review the warranty information booklet that generally comes with a new mattress. If you no longer have it, please visit the manufacturer’s website for more information.

If your issue appears to be warranty related, please reach out to us, and we will contact the manufacturer on your behalf. They may ask you to provide further information, to take measurements or photos of your mattress, or want to do a product inspection in your home. If a warranty is approved, we’ll make appropriate arrangements with the manufacturer on your behalf.

Please note the following about mattress warranties:

  1. Comfort issues are not covered by warranties. The comfort of a mattress will change over time, just like the comfort of shoes or sofas. Mattress warranties essentially cover manufacturing defects, and premature foam breakdown.
  2. Warranties are not transferrable. They belong solely to the original purchaser.
  3. You must have an original copy of your invoice. Under the Privacy Act, we only store records for one year. To validate your purchase, we suggest keeping the digital copy we email you at the time of purchase or putting the printed copy under your mattress.
  4. Refrain from removing the law label. You won’t go to jail if remove it, but law labels contain valuable information needed to support a warranty claim.
  5. As manufacturers do not cover delivery costs, local delivery fees are the responsibility of the customer. It’s the same as getting a car to the dealer if you have warranty issues. As a courtesy to our customers, if you receive authorization for a repair and you get the mattress to us, we’ll pick up the cost of shipping it to the manufacturer.
  6. If your manufacturer authorizes a replacement and your mattress is still available, you’ll receive a new mattress, and your warranty on the replacement will continue based on your original date of purchase.
  7. If your manufacture authorizes a replacement and your mattress is no longer available, you will be refunded based on your original purchase price. You can then purchase a new mattress of your choice, and it will come with new warranty.