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Medicine Hat Mattress Mattress Store | Brand Name Mattresses in Medicine Hat

Our Medicine Hat mattress and adjustable bed store is located on Box Springs Blvd, close to Costco® and Princess Auto®.

Mattress Mattress Medicine Hat

We Offer Mattresses for Every Kind of Sleeper.

We all sleep differently. That’s why we have keep a large variety of mattress sizes and different levels of firmness of mattresses in stock. If you are looking for spring, latex or foam, Mattress Mattress sells many top trusted mattress brands.

Our mattresses offer comfort and the right level of support at a great price.

We offer every customer a Beducation* to ensure that you find the right mattress which suits your body and your budget.  We know buying a mattress is an important decision.  We sleep for one-third of our lives.  Understanding the different mattress types will help you choose one which suits your sleep perfectly.

*A Beducation® is a unique mattress, adjustable bed, and sleep accessory education program created to determine and help you in determining your needs. It includes a review of today’s technologies which has incorporated in it, features that will best address your specific needs when it comes to comfort, support,  allergies, sleep interruptions, back and pressure point pain, temperature environment, and many more. Wherever you find yourself buying a new mattress or adjustable bed, a Beducation® will help you make a better buying decision.

Our Motto

Our shopping motto is “No pressure environment!” It's important to us that you are highly and thoroughly satisfied. We are never pushy. Shop at Mattress Mattress and we’ll give you the space and opportunity to try out as many mattresses and adjustable beds as you like. 

Matts 4 Kids

If you know of a cause in need, let us know.  Since 2004, our “Matts 4 Kids” donation program has donated thousands of mattresses to non-profit organizations.

Store Address

2201 Box Springs Blvd NW, 

Medicine Hat, 

AB, T1C 0C8

Phone: 403-526-5900

Email: matt10@mattressmattress.com


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