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What are adjustable bed frames?

Adjustable bed frames are beds that have multi-hinged lying surface which can be altered to various positions to suit your comfort and health.  Mattress Mattress offers a comprehensive selection of electric adjustable beds from leading brand names including Ergomotion, Leggett & Platt, Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Simmons and more.

Not sure where to start? Consider reading about the benefits of adjustable beds or jump straight into our most popular models below. 

Adjustable beds can obviously be found everywhere but the right and durable ones prove difficult to find in some cases. The right store will always have the right adjustable beds in the styles you prefer. Knowing what adjustable bed to buy would not be difficult after a beducation because having an idea on what to buy and what exactly you are buying goes a long way. Here at Mattress Mattress, the workmanship, materials, and warranties have special efforts put in them to ensure the customer gets more than what they came for. 

The comfort of an adjustable bed is something many desires but are not ready to pay the price for. It is often recommended for the elderly, but who says it is restricted to age? The comfort and health benefits are limitless and so are the prices. To be aware of these great deals would be you taking a bold step to check out the comprehensive options we have available at Mattress Mattress. We don’t just offer you great deals, but help you pick the right adjustable bed.

Offering you a variety of adjustable bed frames to choose from, Mattress Mattress has great deals installed as well as a beducation in which you are enlightened on comprehensive choices available, benefits to those choices and the best option that works for you and your pocket. This journey starts by taking you through the processes step by step. Firstly, you get to know the adjustable beds and what is peculiar to each design, next would be benefits attached to each design and their prices. The end of it would be the great warranty that tops it all.

To get the right adjustable beds, some questions often come up and with these; the right decision and details about the adjustable beds can be made and understood.

Adjustable Beds Frequently Asked Questions

Do adjustable beds ruin mattresses?

Adjustable bed frames would not ruin mattresses but can cause a whole lot of discomfort when the right kind is not used. Mattresses like the innerspring mattress are not considered to be compatible with adjustable bed frames because they create discomfort.

Are all bed frames adjustable?

Not all bed frames can be adjusted, as some are built, and some are adjustable. 

Can you put a headboard on an adjustable bed frame?

The question of a headboard’s necessity has been one of debate, but it turns out to be more personal in preference. Some would rather make use of a headboard, and some would consider not to. Headboards are used in place for luxurious room décor, while others abstain from it for its bulky texture and space taking nature.

Are all metal bed frames adjustable?

Not all metal bed frames are adjustable; some are built while some are adjusted to your mattresses’ dimensions. 

Are bed frames adjustable?

There are bed frames that are adjustable, and some other frames are just frames that cannot be adjusted. 

How to adjust a bed frame?

One adjusts a bed frame differently based on brand and style, but here are some common methods:

  • Remove the mattress from the adjustable bed frame for easier adjustment.
  • Lift the box spring with metal hooks on the end out of the notches in the side of the bed frame.
  • Raise or lower your bed to the desired height and lower the metal hooks on each corner of the box spring to the proper height on the frame’s notches.
  • Place the mattress back on the bed.

Can adjustable bed fit in a bed frame?

Any adjustable bed can be made to fit in with your bed frame allowing the comfort and health benefits.

How to adjust a frame from queen to king

Adjusting a frame is not recommended. For the safety of those sleeping on the mattress we recommend not modifying bed frames. 

How to hide adjustable bed frames

To hide adjustable bed frames, bed skirts are used. The skirt can be attached and detached easily.

How to move a Tempur-pedic adjustable bed?

To move the Tempur-pedic mattress, you would have to fold it to make it easier to move. Fold in the Tempur side (from the top). It is advisable not to leave it in that posture for long.

Where to buy adjustable bed frame

Mattress Mattress has a broad range of options for electric adjustable beds from leading brands that include Tempur-pedic, Simmons, Leggett and Platt, Serta and so much more.

Can an adjustable base fit inside my bed frame?

An adjustable base would fit in bed frames, but the longevity of the mattress might not be guaranteed.

Can you attach a headboard to an adjustable be frame?

Headboards are often attached for the luxury but at times they appear bulky and take up space. 

How to attach a headboard to an adjustable bed frame?

Look for the headboard brackets on the adjustable frame. There might be a need to purchase them separately if your base does not have strong steel headboard brackets.

Check to see the design with which your headboard can be attached. The two bracket designs are “hook-on” and “bolt-on” designs.

  • Prepare a great workspace for yourself.
  • Have the brackets attached to the adjustable frame?
  • Measure the mounting holes.
  • Secure the headboard attachment by lining up the headboard’s holes with the brackets and sticking the bolts through.

Can you use an adjustable base with any bed frame?

An adjustable base might not really be a good option because it tends to shorten the longevity of the mattress due to the pressure it has placed on other parts. It therefore ruins the mattress. 

How much are adjustable bed frames?

Prices for adjustable beds vary according to brand and specification. Some of the prices range from $749.99 - $2,499.99 

How to assemble adjustable bed frame?

  • Assembling should be performed by two people for safety reasons.
  • Place the accessory boxes, remote retainer bar aside.
  • Push the head and foot base together.
  • Line up the connecting bar and screw in two bolts.
  • Pinch and remove the clip from the control box.
  • Plug the foot motor cable into the control box labeled with foot motor tag.
  • Plug the massage cable into the Y-cable labeled “foot massage.”
  • The cables should go underneath the connecting bar
  • Ensure all wires are safely plugged then re-fix the clip to the control box to lock the plugs.
  • Screw the six legs of the bed into the holes on the frame
  • Carefully turn the bed frame over
  • Insert the ends of the retainer bar into the brackets at the foot of the bed frame.
  • Connect the power cord from the control box under the bed frame to the power supply then connect the power cord to the power supply.
  • Confirm the remote works by inserting the batteries and pressing the lift buttons.

How to disassemble an adjustable bed frame?

  • Remove the mattress from the adjustable bed
  • Lift the box spring with the metallic hooks out of the notches at the side of the bed frame.
  • Increase or reduce your bed to desired height and then lower the metal hooks on each corner of the box spring the original height of the bed frame.
  • Put the mattress back in place.

How to raise adjustable bed frame?

By pressing the lift button on the remote. 

What bed frames work with adjustable bed?

The basic bed frame is metallic which can be adjusted or built to the dimensions of your mattress. These metal bed frames come with wheels on most occasions. 

What kind of bed frame works with an adjustable bed?

Most types if not all work. The most common is the metal bed frames.

Completely excluding the fact that electric adjustable beds are expensive and at times incompatible with existing mattresses, they have a range of benefits to them; it improves sleeping quality, helps combat snoring, relieves pain, and increases comfort. Mattress Mattress offers you this and much more. Do you have a wild taste in choosing beds? Looking for that right store that offers you more than the best?  The best stop for your adjustable beds is Mattress Mattress.

We don’t just have what you need; we know adjustable beds at the back of our palms. Our brands are well trusted and therefore, provide you with the level of quality we all search for and we at Mattress Mattress have in excess. Mattress Mattress therefore provides you with anything and everything you would require from a mattress store.

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