Ergomotion Ebreza Adjustable Bed

$1,999.99 CAD
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Experience a comfortable night's sleep with the Ergomotion Ebreza Adjustable Bed. Featuring adjustable head and foot lifts, variable massage, a wireless remote, adjustable legs, and a zero gravity setting, you can personalize your sleeping experience to your needs. Enjoy a fully customizable sleep experience!

Motion Features and Benefits

Head Lift – Eases back, neck and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points; Helps open up airways to reduce snoring and assist those with Sleep Apnea or Asthma; Reduces Acid Reflux.
Foot Lift – Raising your legs takes pressure off your heart, improving blood circulation; Reduces pressure in the lower back.
Wall Hug Feature – Makes it easier to get in or out of bed; Keeps nightstand within reach when elevated.
Variable Massage (With Timer) – Soothes muscles and Increases blood circulation.

Remote Control

Wireless, Backlit Remote – Gently illuminates buttons for easy navigation.
Zero Gravity Setting – Simulates weightlessness; Reduces pressure on the heart and lungs; Improves blood circulation; Alleviates pressure points.
One Touch Flat – Allows the bed to return to the flat position with one touch.

Miscellaneous Features

Adjustable Legs –  Adjustable to three different heights.
Perfect for Platform Beds –  5" height makes this zero-clearance adjustable perfect for installation on most platform beds.

Emergency Power Down – (Single Use Batteries) Allows the bed to return to the flat position in the event of a power failure.
Eucalyptus Wood (Platform) – Renewable and far superior to particle board; Rot and Decay resistant; Repels Moisture.
Furniture Bed Compatible – Easily fits inside different style beds.
Gravity Release Safety Feature – Motors designed to lower the mattress with gravity, never pulling downwards, minimizing pinch points.
Optional Headboard Brackets – Allows attachment of a headboard.
Lift Capacity – 850lbs. (Including the mattress).
Mattress Retainer (Foot Bar) – Keeps mattress in place when elevated.
Zero Clearance Feature – Allows unit to be placed flat, without legs.

Manufacturer’s Warranty - 20 Years Limited. Extended Warranty Available.

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Ebreza Owner's Manual - English & French (2 MB PDF Opens in New Tab)
Ebreza Divided King (76 x 80") 1 Piece Bed 1 Remote - Installation Guide (applicable only to 1 piece divided king beds, 2.5 MB PDF Opens in
New Tab)