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Our Latex Pillows

Benefits of Our Latex Pillows

  • Latex pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. This reduces or minimizes the possibility of an allergic reaction from allergen triggers such as dust mites, smoke, perfumes, deodorants, mold and pet dander.
  • Latex pillows are antibacterial. This inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Latex pillows are mildew proof.
  • Latex pillows are temperature neutral.
  • Latex pillows provide consistent superior support.
  • Latex pillows will retain their shape for years.
  • Our latex pillows have pin holes to provide for ventilation (they sleep dry).
  • Our latex pillows are made of solid latex that won’t clump, shift, or develop hollow spots.
  • Our latex pillows have a removable washable cover.
  • To help reduce our carbon footprint all our latex pillows are packaged in an eco-friendly reusable cotton bag.
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