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Some people like sleeping on a cloud … some prefer sleeping on the floor.

If you’re thinking about buying a mattress or a lifestyle adjustable bed online, your first stop should be at Mattress Mattress®. Here are all the reasons why …

Not all mattresses are the same!

How can you tell if an online mattress is going to be too hard or too soft? Will it sleep hot? Will it provide adequate spinal support, and be comfortable?

Not all people are the same!

Online mattress retailers can’t offer a selection. To avoid costly refunds and re-selection, they generally show only one mattress, claiming it will suit almost everyone. If you’re not average, you need options. Since when is having less to try out a good thing.

Online retailers claim that delivery is free.

Call UPS or FedEx! The cost of shipping a mattress or lifestyle adjustable bed can be hundreds of dollars. And if a mattress or lifestyle adjustable bed is bought on Amazon, Amazon charges the online retailer a fulfillment (pick, pack, and ship) fee, a storage fee, and a 15% seller’s fee. All these fees have to be added to the price.

Online retailers offer refunds during a free trial period. Why? Because you can’t try out the mattress prior to purchase. So, without a refund offer, you wouldn’t buy. Refunds cost online retailers a lot of money, as refunded mattresses have to be written off and donated locally, due to the extremely high cost of returning a mattress out of a box. Online mattress refunds can run as high as 20%, and the cost of this has to be built into the price of the mattress.

Some online mattress sites suggest you’re saving on commissions. Have they compared commission costs to the huge referral fees they pay to biased review sites? Check out how this works here … https://www.sleeplikethedead.com/mattress-phony.html

And what about the big dollars online retailers spend advertising on the internet?

All the above costs have to be built into online mattress and lifestyle adjustable bed prices.

It’s therefore easy for us to beat online prices. We shop and compare our products online, and will generally save you 30% on similar mattresses and lifestyle adjustable beds.

See them!

Feel them!

Try them!

Fall in love with one and take it home tonight!

You can’t do that online!

And because it’s a division of Mattress Mattress®, Dreams to Go also carries mattresses from King Koil®, Kingsdown®, Nature’s Rest®, Restwell®, Sealy®, Simmons®, Serta®, Spring Air®, Springwall®, and Tempur-Pedic®, with inventory on hand in all our stores for same day pickup or next day delivery!

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