How important is a pillow?

When it comes to how you sleep we believe pillows play as important a role as your mattress.

As 17% of your spine is in your neck even the slightest strain on neck vertebrae can cause compression to spinal nerves that connect to your shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers.  This can cause neck pain, tightness and aching in your shoulders, wrist pain, tingling in your fingers, headaches and more.

As mattresses are not designed to support your head, a pillow is essentially a bed for your head. Compromising the effectiveness of a new mattress by sleeping with the wrong pillow makes little sense.  It’s amazing how different mattresses feel when you’re using the right pillow.

How do I choose the right pillow?

The best way to choose the right pillow is to get a pillow education at a specialty sleep store, and to test drive pillows to see which one best suits your needs. Pillows need to be fitted to individual body type and preferred sleep position (front, side, back), shoulder width, along with the plushness/firmness of your mattress. 

How can I maximize the life expectancy of my pillow?

The comfort life of a pillow depends on many things.  Depending on the type of pillow, it can vary from a few months to several years. The best way to extend their lifespan is to protect them with a hypoallergenic, waterproof pillow protector. These protectors should be washed frequently in hot water. 

Your pillow will not only last longer, it will never need to be cleaned!