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Hush Iced Weighted Blanket & Duvet Cover (Version 2!!!)


Hush Iced Weighted Blankets have been designed to help reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia without breaking a sweat!

Hush Weighted Blankets typically ship within 2-4 weeks. 


Hush Iced Weighted Blanket Canada 2.0
The world's first cooling weighted blanket. Sold exclusively through Hush™ and Distinguished Partners.

The Hush Iced 2.0 blanket takes the best relaxing and sleep-inducing Classic Weighted Blanket and extends it to the next level with their cool-to-the-touch 100% bamboo cover. 

They guarantee it will be the coolest fabric in your house and that you will feel calm after 100 nights.

Unlike other blankets which sell a "cooling cover", they engineered this blanket to keep you cool all night long. 

What is Pilling?

Hush Blankets are made of 100% Organic and OEKO-TEX certified Viscose Bamboo and have a Grade 5 anti pilling score.

That means no pilling, ever.

So Cool.

Hush proprietary bamboo and cotton blend helps wick away sweat during hot nights, while still providing weighted stress-relief. The Hush Iced is perfect for summer nights, hot sleepers, or those looking for a cooler solution to the plush cover! The cover is easily removed for washing and drying.

The Hush Weighted Blanket is made in Canada and was featured on Dragon's Den. Hush recently raised over $1.1 Million in its launch.

  • Easy to wash and dry.
  • Designed to feel like a comfortable hug all night long
  • Glass micro beads to provide consistent airflow and even weight distribution
  • Using the science of (DTPS) deep-touch-pressure stimulation. Which has proven to help relieve stress and improve the overall quality of sleep
  • Cooling Gel-Infused into the memory foam
  • Hush Give Back Donation Program™ - Hush donates 1 out of every 5 children blankets sold and 1 out of every 10 adult blankets


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