It wasn’t that long ago that adjustable beds were mainly used in hospitals and labeled for the elderly. Growing awareness of both lifestyle and health benefits of adjustable beds has increased popularity and acceptance with all age groups.

It’s well known that getting a better night’s sleep can help you live a longer, healthier life. And adding one of today’s memory foam, latex or hybrid mattresses suited to adjustable beds can make your sleep experience that much better.

Remember .… A better mattress. A better sleep. A better you.

Let’s examine the benefits of adjustable beds so that you can make an informed decision regarding whether you might need or want one.

Lifestyle Benefits

More than just sleep

Watching TV, reading, working on your laptop or tablet, or simply enjoying the occasional breakfast in bed without the frustration of compromising your neck, shoulders or lower back. Just pick a comfortable position and relax. As an added benefit after a stressful day, turn on the massage feature found in most adjustable beds and pamper yourself. And if you get up in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn on lights that might wake up a sleeping partner, simply use the under-bed light as a nightlight.

Medical Benefits

Relief from acid reflux and heartburn

If you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn, sleeping with your upper body slightly elevated can provide relief by keeping stomach acid or food from entering your esophagus.

Reduced snoring

Laying flat when you sleep can restrict oxygen pathways, which can cause you to snore. Raising the head of your mattress by a few degrees opens up airways, thereby reducing snoring. Some adjustable beds even come with a “snore feature” that tilts just the upper edge of the bed by a few degrees.

Moderated sleep apnea symptoms

Evidence suggests that adjustable beds can help moderate sleep apnea symptoms by decreasing snoring. It is, however, important to note that while adjustable beds may relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea, they cannot cure the condition.

Asthma relief

Elevating the upper body benefits those with asthma, sleep apnea and breathing difficulties by opening up airways. This reduces pressure on the lungs, making it easier to breathe. Coupled with increased circulation, it also helps to reduce the build-up of fluid on the lungs.

Congestion relief

Sinus congestion can be relieved by elevating your body while sleeping.

Improved heart health

Gravity can take its toll on your body. The Zero Gravity feature found in many adjustable beds takes pressure off the heart, allowing for better blood flow throughout the body.

Decreased lower back pain

The Zero Gravity position and/or the lumbar support position on adjustable beds can take pressure off the lower back, aiding in lower back pain relief.

Reduced swelling and edema pain

Those with excess weight, diabetes, high blood pressure or suffering from swollen feet, can reduce swelling in the lower body by elevating their legs above heart level.

Reduced insomnia

By offering alternative sleep positions, those suffering from insomnia often find a sleep position that puts them to sleep faster without tossing and turning. And improved blood circulation and oxygen levels help to put them to sleep and stay asleep.

Sciatica relief

For those that have had episodes with sciatica, you know that sleeping on anything other than your back is virtually impossible without pain. Adjustable beds provide sciatica relief by allowing you to sleep more comfortably on your back.

Arthritis and joint relief

Getting a better night’s sleep can be extremely difficult for those suffering from arthritis, and without a better night’s sleep symptoms of arthritis worsen, causing more pain and sleep interruptions. Adjustable beds offer ways to make sleep more comfortable by supporting affected limbs as needed, and allowing you to change positions easily until you feel comfortable.

Adjustable beds also allow you to distribute your weight more evenly, taking pressure off body pressure points. This prevents undue pressure being placed on arthritic joints, and vastly improves comfort while sleeping.

Adjustable beds also improve circulation, which helps relieve symptoms of arthritis by decreasing the inflammation of joints.

Last, but not least, those suffering from arthritis generally get stiffness relief by way of massages. Having a massage unit right in your bed can help to soothe stiffness before sleeping, or if needed before getting out of bed in the morning.

Relief for restless leg syndrome

Sleep deprivation is the number one problem for those suffering from restless leg syndrome. By elevating their legs, those with this syndrome often eliminate the pain and discomfort, and this improves their odds of getting a deep sleep.

Relief from general aches and pains

Raising or lowering parts of your body takes pressure off areas of the body experiencing pain, providing relief to aches and pains.

Therapeutic massage benefits

Although it’s not the same as getting a full body massage from a massage therapist, getting a vibration body massage from an adjustable bed does come with benefits.

Intense vibration can relax tense muscles in your neck, shoulders and back, while a gentle vibration can take your mind off the stresses of the day and help lull you to sleep.


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